Gas inspection

They are often found on board boats: gas bottles. Just like at home, you use them for cooking or for cooling/heating.

This is safe, as long as you handle it carefully. 
And have your gas installation (butane / propane) approved and checked at least 3 annually to limit accidents. 

We carry out the inspection on the basis of a complete checklist drawn up by the NJI. Afterwards you will receive a certificate. We can resolve any defects in consultation. Of course, we prefer to do this immediately! 

We are NJI certified to inspect gas installations in accordance with the applicable ISO standard NEN 10239. In a nice word that is called: Inspector of on-board gas installations for pleasure boats, charter ships and small commercial vessels not subject to CVO.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment and email or call 0348-420855.

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