Inspections and services

Purchasing a motorboat or sailing yacht is quite a process. Perhaps you have found your dream ship and would rather sail away today than tomorrow. 
As a rule, a purchase inspection is carried out when purchasing a ship. With this inspection you know the exact condition of the ship and you can make informed decisions. You also comply with the investigation obligation that you have as a buyer.

A certified yacht surveyor has the knowledge to protect you from a bad purchase or hidden breaking of the ship. 
In most cases, your insurer will also ask for a report on the condition of your ship when taking out insurance.

The inspection can range from an oral discussion of the main issues to an extensive written report, depending on your goals and wishes. 
The age and history of the ship can of course play a role in this. 

Prices? After email or telephone contact about the ship, we can give you a specific price. The price depends on the desired inspection, ship dimensions and mooring. 

Practical issues? The boat will have to be taken out of the water to inspect the underwater hull. If necessary, the underwater hull will also have to be hosed down. As a rule, this can be done at the tap. Crane costs are not included in the inspection. 

In addition to the purchase inspection, there are of course more services that we are also happy to offer you, such as:

  • Purchase inspection
  • Sales inspection
  • Condition inspection
  • Partial inspections
  • Moisture measurements
  • Osmosis research
  • Surface/skin thickness measurements
  • Trial sailing
EMCI Certified Yacht Surveyor

To make a quote, it is useful if you send us the advertisement of the ship that you are interested in. We can then make you a targeted offer.


Content of report(s)

The table of contents below concerns a complete technical inspection. 

Would you like a partial inspection? For example, carrying out a partial inspection can be limited to 1 or more topics below.

  • Table of contents
  • Flagged Items   
  • Introduction
  • Definitions of inspection results
  • General data
  • Ship and owner details
  • Hull above the waterline
  • Deck - superstructure - cockpit
  • Anchor installation
  • Rigging
  • Underwater ship
  • Description surface thickness
  • Moisture measurement (and) underwater hull
  • Hull inside
  • Gas installation
  • Galley installation
  • Technical installation
  • Heater Controls
  • Electrical installation
  • Navigation equipment and navigation aids
  • Propulsion plant
  • Trial run
  • Safety and rescue equipment
  • Nautical equipment
  • Wrapping up / Conclusion
  • Expert statement
  • General terms and conditions Jada
  • Appendix